Dear Family and Friends,

Join with us today as we labor in the Mission Fields of Africa and India...

(We operate on designated funds and 100% of your gift today will go to what you designated it to go to. At the bottom of this page you can use the drop down windows to assign your gift to rice, food, equipment, transportation, etc.  You can even designate your funds to go to a particular country listed... Here is one project we are involved in... Rice to feed people...)


 It cost: $1.17 to feed a family of 4,

in parts of Africa and India…


What did it cost you to eat today?

Will you help us feed the hungry today?


Shepherds of Grace Church will be collecting funds for rice year round because of the ongoing need for food in the areas that we are laboring in (Rice must be purchased in country to assure it gets to those who are truly in need.   We will also be sending Missions Teams to Liberia Africa, D.R. Congo Africa and India each year.   Will you help in this mission effort.  Please your the dropdown windows below to designate your gift.

Our need is for 5000 lbs of rice for each of the three locations. 5000 lbs of rice will cost us $1,750 which equals $5250 need to supply the three locations.

(100 lbs of rice will cost us $35 delivered, and must be bought in country)


Will you help us feed the children by making a donation today?

$350 will buy 1000 lbs. of rice
$175 will buy 500 lbs. of rice
$105 will buy 300 lbs. of rice
$ 35 will buy 100 lbs. of rice

Be a part of this Mission Effort by donating online today. 

Make your donation securely online using this form.  All donations are tax deductible and you will receive updates and progress reports on how your monies are being put to work.

Donations can also be sent via postal service, make check payable to Shepherds of Grace International, write in the memo, Africa Inida Mission Effort and send to: Shepherds Of Grace, P.O. Box 5336, Aiken, South Carolina, 29804.

Make a donation today. Together, we can make a difference!


                                                   bishop john and manjaree

Please contact our staff for any questions: staff@shepherdsofgrace.org

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